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中学生标准学术能力诊断性测试2022-2023学年初三下学期3月测试英语试题+答案 pdf
中学生标准学术能力诊断性测试2023年3月测试英语试卷司梁安本试卷共150分,考试时间100分钟。扫码查成绩第一部分阅读理解(共两节,满分60分)第一节(共15小题:每小题3分,满分45分)阅读下列短文,从每趣所给的A、B、C和D四个选项中,选出最佳选项,并在答膨卡上将该项涂黑。What limits you from h

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What limits you from hiking more often?Many complain that they don't have a suitable partner to go
with.Then why not take a look at the great hiking clubs across Canada?
●Yukon Outdoors Club
Membership cost:$10 for a single membership;S15 for a family membership
Description:The club coordinates day hikes,backpacking trips,canoe trips,mountain biking,cross-
country skiing trips,snowshoeing trips and various workshops for members to gain new skills and valuable
information.The trips are open to everyone and range from easy to moderate to difficult.
UBC Varsity Outdoor Club
Membership cost:UBC students $40;non-UBC students $60
Description:The club is a social group that hikes,mountaineers,kayaks ()rock climbs and
ice climbs.Members lead trips,run skills workshops,and host presentations.Members can borrow equipment
from the clubroom's gear cache(器材存放点).The UBC VOC has also constructed a few huts in the Coast
Pender Harbor Hiking Group
Membership cost:Free
Description:Now in its fourth year and boasting about 100 members,the Pender Harbour Hiking Group
offers a way for members to meet like-minded individuals and get fit.Hikes are scheduled two months in
advance,so get on the mailing list or check the website regularly to find a hike that's right for you!Hikes are
usually one and a half to two hours long every Monday and Wednesday morning.but some full-day hikes are
scheduled,depending on member interest.
●Vernon Outdoors Club
Membership cost:a single membership $25:students $10
Description:The Vernon Outdoors Club is an active group that enjoys hiking and cycling.Since the
membership is comprised of outdoor lovers in general,they are encouraged to share their activity ideas and
interests.The group organizes a Tuesday Rambles event each week and also hosts multi-day trips.
1.Which club lends hiking equipment to its members?
A.Yukon Outdoors Club
B.UBC Varsity Outdoor Club
C.Pender Harbor Hiking Group
D.Vemon Outdoors Club
2.What is special about Pender Harbor Hiking Group?
A.Hikes are mostly held on weekends.
B.It has built huts for its members.
C.It organizes workshops for its members.
D.It is possible for members to hike for a whole day.
3.How much docs it cost when a couple with a student goes to Vernon Outdoors Club?
Before Mya Gordon led the Lakeridge High School District's Diversity Committee,she was a black girl
who felt alone in the face of racial discrimination.
Gordon,18,moved from New Jersey to Oregon when she was in seventh grade.She had a rough time
in middle school,experiencing incidents ranging from microaggressions to obvious racist
As a freshman at Lakeridge.Gordon decided to approach the principal at the time.Jennifer Schiele,to
discuss the lack of support for diversity.
Schiele encouraged forming an equity (council at Lakeridge,which Gordon ran with.The goal
of the group is to deal with racism and other types of prejudice with empathy ()With Schiele's support,
Gordon recruited volunteers and discussed mental health and privilege.But some students"justjoked around",
Gordon said."It is disheartening to hear that people don't care about the work that you are doing."
Still,Gordon remained resilient in improving diversity,equity and inclusion in the school district.They
have been meeting monthly to discuss how to improve district experiences for people of color,those with
disabilities and other minority groups.Members looked at data from peer districts,auditing (district
policies through an equity lens and looking for ways to include equity into the curriculum.
Her equity work in the community didn't stop there.Just before graduation,Gordon completed a
documentary on the racist history of Lake Oswego called Lake No Negro.The video currently has over 11,000
views on YouTube
The documentary started as a desire to tell a story about the racially exclusive (history of Lake
Oswego.Gordon leamed everything she could about black exclusion laws in Oregon and in Lake Oswego
that gave the city the nickname"Lake No Negro".
Although a lot of that information didn't make it into the final product,it was helpful for her to learn
Every North Atlantic right whale has a unique pattem of raised skin on its head.This marking allows
about the black exclusion laws that created an ideology that exists in Lake Oswego today.
the surveyors to identify each whale by number-and sometimes a name.They get to know the animals they
Gordon's activism won't end when she leaves for college in the fall.She said she's already signed up to
see regularly:like Nauset,who never stays at the surface,taking one breath before diving for 10 minutes at a
be a part of a college program about civic engagement "I just really hope that other students speak up for
what they believe all the time,even when it's difficult...and stand up for others as well,"she said.
Over the months they track not just whales but moments that remind them of the work's purpose.Marey
4.What did Gordon do to handle racism at Lakeridge?
Lee,48,enjoys every first sighting of a mother and calf pair.The conservation project manager.Melanie
A.She ignored the racial discrimination.
White,39,holds onto the day they saw seven pairs,as if for a few hours the whales were everywhere.Ashley
B.She improved the black exelusion laws.
Millan Ambert.30.recalls the three hours they circled above the first entangled whale they saw.
C.She turned to the school leader for help.
while colleagues on a boat below struggled to free it of fishing gear ()One calf they had spotted was
D.She included equity into the curriculum.
later hit by a boat and killed,washing up on a beach in Florida Soon after,they saw its mother,Infinity,
5.What does the underlined word in Paragraph 4 mean?
swimming with a propeller (wound to her side.They hope for her survival.Saving one whale,they
know,counts when there are so few.
6.What can we know about Gordon's documentary according to the passage?
8.What's the main task of the surveyors according to the passage?
A.Gordon finished it after graduation.
A.To protect the right whales from dying out.
B.It centers on the racist history of Lake Oswego.
B.To document how right whales survive.
C.It includes all the information conceming racism.
C.To help the female whales give birth to their calves.
D.It has received more than 11,000 likes on social media.
D.To study the interactions between mother whales and calves.
7.What could be the best title of the passage?
9.Which of the following word can best describe surveyors'work?
A.Work toward change
B.Racial discrimination
10.What makes it easy for surveyors to recognize each right whale?
C.The history of racism
A.Its physical feature.B.Its small number.
C.Its unique name.
D.Its special habit.
D.An outstanding college student
11.What can be inferred from the last paragraph?
A.Infinity's calf survived at last.
Crowded into a tiny plane,1,000 feet above the water off Georgia,the surveyors look down in search
B.Marcy Lee is the oldest among all the surveyors
of a North Atlantic right whale,among the rarest in the world.
C.Surveyors had close observation on the right whales.
There are thought to be fewer than 400 of the right whales alive today,and no more than 100 females
D.Melanie White rescued a whale caught by fishing gear.
that can breed.Now this high-stakes(高风险的)game of"I Spy,"including three teams affiliated(隶属)
with the Clearwater Marine Aquarium Research Institute.is one part of an urgent mission to prevent these
Have you ever wished that an AI could write something for you?Instead of spending hours typing away,
whales from extinction.
you could simply input a few keywords and have essays written for you.Well,ChatGPT may soon make that
Survivors swim to the Southeast,from the Carolinas to Florida.for calving(生幼道)season.The
dream a reality.
surveyors note each mother and precious calf they see,sending reports from sky to land,which within
ChatGPT is an Al technology developed by US-based OpenAl,a research company led by Sam Altman
minutes,are shared with shipping companies to broadcast out to sea,so captains can be cautious.
and backed by Microsoft.ChatGPT automatically generates text based on written prompts(提示性语言).
From December to March,the surveyors fold themselves into planes,any day the weather is fair.They
Compared to AI chatbots of the past,ChatGPT is a lot more advanced and has a lot more different types of
can cover3O0or400 nautical miles(海里)in about six hours,.practicing moderate dehydration(中度脱
to avoid using the toilet,which is just a tube.They crane (their necks to look out bubble windows
Far from just a simple question-and-answer machine,ChatGPT can get creative.The AI can construct
and relax their aching limbs when they're back on solid ground.
songs,poems or even jokes.It has the complete writing range of a real person!
Users postine their results on twitter have used
to write
history essav
write notes of presentations





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